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Constructed a large covered screened in deck. Excellent, started out with great communications that went throughout the project. Employees very knowledgeable and professional. Quality of work was excellent we have had several comments from friends and sub-contractors on how well the deck was constructed. Any changes that were suggested by contractor were thoroughly discussed with us before any work was done. Any questions that we had during the project were immediately answered in a courteous and professional manner. TREC construction is by far the best contractor that we have worked with and we are extremely pleased with the quality of their work especially their lead person Kevin.

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Barney B


This company created a bench on our deck. I have used this company twice, and both times I have been very impressed. The employees are professional and punctual, and the product both times has been excellent.

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Amy E


2000 & 2013: Designed and built front porch and screened in back porch. Robbie Watts worked from pictures that we had provided. Both projects exceeded our expectations. Was wonderful to work with, very talented and professional. Great experience!

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Linda C


Made a new vent in our utility room, as per the gas company instructions. Love this company! I have a house for my college student children in Lexington, and have found that I can rely on Trec. The girls had the gas company come out and they red tagged our unit saying we needed another vent in our utility room. The girls were without hot water!! I called Robby and asked him to put in a vent per the gas companies specifications. Robby stated that they were swamped, and that he could get right on it next week. When he realized my girls were without hot water he found someone to get out there that day stating, "we can't have those girls go without hot water". It was fixed by the end of the day, and the gas was turned back on!! I find this company to be the perfect blend of skill, professionalism, and good old fashioned Christian values, which means the world to me as a mother with children out of state in school. I have some bigger projects lined up in the future. I will undoubtedly be calling TREC for everything!

Star Rating

Mark F


Covered and improved existing outdoor deck and installed fencing. The first thing you need to know about me is that my husband and I are typical DIYers and I almost always have buyers remorse.  Probably not a good combination for a contractor.  I think that working with this company has changed my outlook on home improvement.  They did an amazing job and my porch really is lovely.  Honestly, this will be the first company that I call for home project in the future.  I really felt like they took the time to make sure that I had a structurally sound porch that looked as close as possible to the Pinterest photo that I sent to Robby.  They also took into account the way that my family and I would use the space and customized it for us perfectly.  I saw the same familiar faces every day, on time….working.  The skill of the carpenters and the detail in their work was impressive.  They were professional, clean cut, seemingly very well educated men.  The price quoted for the project was to the penny, work was completed on time, and follow up contact was made just to be sure we were happy.  I don't think I have ever felt happy about writing a check before, but that is the way I felt when the project was complete.  I appreciated the work and I certainly felt like it was earned.  We are customers for life.

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Christy M


Fireplace and chimney replacement, including drywall work and tiling. Third job TREC has done for us. Always outstanding service and a good experience.

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John A

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